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be there for Jewish students.

Many Jewish students are feeling the brunt of anti-Semitism (often disguised as anti-Israel). But while Tallahassee and FSU have also experienced instances of anti-Semitism, Chabad of Tallahassee, with the support of both city and university officials, has been able to maintain a safe and stable environment.

Going on 25 years, Chabad of Tallahassee has been the de facto representative of the Jewish community at the Florida State Capital in the state-wide struggle against anti-Semitism, and are thankful we are able to utilize those contacts in this time of need.

We thank you for your continued support on the front lines of this issue we here at the Chabad of Tallahassee stand firmly by. We do this by providing students and local community services, outreach programs, kosher food deliveries to the sick and needy, and a place where the students and community can celebrate their spiritual beliefs freely in a safe environment. This is what your support impacts and we are ever so grateful!

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